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Remarks (public):Macro- and microscopic characters of this species are almost identical to Korean and European L. perlatum, but slightly differ from American L. perlatum. However, they can be distinguished by microscopic characters including eucapillitial threads and basidiospore shape; L. subperlatum have elastic to subelastic eucapillitial threads with abundant pores and slightly echinulate basidiospores. In addition, this species is clearly distinct from Korean, European, and American L. perlatum in the ITS tree. 
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Description:Basidiomata 20–45 mm diameter, 25–60 mm high, subglobose, pyriform to turbinate, slightly or not umbonate, pseudostipe usually well-developed, numerous rhizomphs attached to substrate. Exoperidium echinate, the spines are deciduous with age; whitish when young, entirely brown to dark brown when old. Endoperidium yellowish brown, papery. Gleba olive-brown to yellowish brown at maturity, pulverulent. Subgleba grayish yellow to yellowish. Solitary to gregarious. Basidiospores 3.8–4.4 × 3.5–4.2 μm, length/width ratio 1.0–1.1 (n = 30), globose to subglobose, smooth to slightly echinulate, short pedicel present (<0.7 μm long), pale yellow in 3% KOH mount. Basidia not observed; basidioles 8.6–12.0 × 5.6–7.3 μm, length/width ratio 1.4–1.8 (n = 10), clavate, without basal clamp. Capillitium of Lycoperdon-type; eucapillitial threads 3.5–5.2 μm diameter, thick-walled (up to 2.5 μm), elastic to subelastic, aseptate, straight to subundulate, occasional dichotomous branching, abundantly irregular pores present, pale yellow to brownish in 3% KOH mount; paracapillitial threads present, 3.0–4.9 μm diameter, thin-walled (up to 1.0 μm), hyaline in 3% KOH mount, straight to subundulate, septate. Exoperidium composed of sphaerocysts, 7–28 μm, thick-walled (up to 1.5 μm), subhyaline to yellowish brown in 3% KOH mount. Endoperidium composed of sphaerocysts, 5–13 μm, thin-walled (up to 0.5 μm), hyaline in 3% KOH mount. 
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