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 Add this item to the list   NIGROPORUS VINOSUS (Berk.) Murr.
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Description:NIGROPORUS VINOSUS (Berk.) Murr.
Bull. Torrey Bot. Cl. 32:361,1905. - Polyporus vinosus Berk. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser 2, 11:195, 1852 (K!). - Polyporus tristis Lev. Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. Ser. 3, 5:126, 1846 (PC;) nom illegit. non Peers. 1825. - Polyporus xerophyllaceus Berk. Hook. J. Bot. (200, 1856 (K!). - Polyporus mollerianus Sacc. Berl. &
Roumeg. Rev. mycol. 11:202, 1889 (teste Bres. 1916:226).
Literature: For cultural characteristics see Westhuizen 1971:270-72. For distribution in America, see Fidalgo & Fidalgo 1967:847).
FRUITBODY annual , pileate, broadly attached to dimidiate with contracted base, semicircular flabelliform to oblong, 2-7 cm wide, 2-10 cm long up to 6 m thick, applanate rigid and brittle when dry, flexible when fresh. PILEUS first finely velutinate to felted, then deep brown to purplish brown, margin usually paler, pores almost invisible to the naked eye, 7-8 per mm. Tubes concolorous with pore surface or slightly greyish, the inner parts darker than the younger parts, up to 3 mm deep. CONTEXT umber to vinaceous black, often paler with age, up to 3 mm thick.
HYPHAL SYSTEM dimitic, generative hyphae with clamps, 23.5 µm wide, skeletal hyphae yellowish-brown to fuliginous or pale pinkish brown, 2-6 µm wide, thick-walled to almost solid, straight or slightly branched with a few tortuous branches. CYSTIDIA none. SPORES allantoid to cylindrical, 34 x 1.1-5, smooth and non-amyloid.
HABITAT. On deciduous wood. DISTRIBUTION. Pantropical, but not reported from tropical Australia by Cunningham (1965). It is widespread in Africa, but nowhere common. Specimens have been examined from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Zaire, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa.
REMARKS. The species is mostly easy to recognize because of the dark vinaceous colours of the fruitbody and the very small pores.
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