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Description:Pileus 30-70 m m diam., at first hemispherical with strongly incurved margin, becoming umbonate-convex, rarely expanded, fleshy; dark (date) brown, always showing a distinct olive-greenish tinge, hygrophanous; covered with a thick layer of slime (up to 3 mm), near the striate margin grooved or wrinkled, without any squamulose remnants of the velum universale. Lamellae emarginate, crowded; argillaceous to coffee brown or ochraceous-brown; gill edge whitish a n d fimbriate. Stipe 40-80 X 8-15 mm, cylindrical, robust, at maturity fistulose; brown or lighter than thepileus; dry,apically glabrous tolongitudinally fibrillose, below the annulus with squarrose squamules; ring very conspicuous, pendent, strongly striate, immobile; whitish or concolorous with the stipe; at the crenulate margin frequently with brown, gelatinous patches (originating from the margin of the pileus). Context brown. Smell and taste not distinctive. 
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