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Description:Basidiomata small, slenderly tricholomatoid. Pileus 17–26 mm diam., somewhat hemispheric, with or without a slightly raised center when very young, becoming broadly conico-convex or convex with a small low, broad central umbo at mature stages; surface chalk white or off white all over, not hygrophanous, not striate, rather velutinous all over, somewhat tacky when wet; margin inrolled or incurved, initially entire, becoming somewhat crenate or somewhat fluted and rarely somewhat lobate at maturity. Lamellae sinuate or emarginate with a small decurrent tooth, moderately crowded, initially off-white, becoming yellowish white (4A2/OAC857), up to 3 mm wide, with lamellulae of 3 lengths; edge entire, concolorous with the sides. Stipe 21–30 × 2–4 mm, central, terete or slightly compressed, occasionally with a slight longitudinal groove, equal or slightly tapering towards the base, solid when young, becoming stuffed at maturity; surface chalk white all over, finely appressed-fibrillose and scarcely pruinose all over; base with thick, white basal mycelium. Context soft, up to 3 mm thick at the center of the pileus, off-white. Odor and taste not distinctive.
Basidiospores 4–6 × 3–4 (5.05±0.98 × 3.37±0.48) µm, Q = 1–2, Qm = 1.52, ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid or somewhat ovoid, smooth, thin-to slightly thick-walled, inamyloid. Basidia 23–32 × 5–7 µm, clavate, hyaline, thinwalled, siderophilous, 4-spored; sterigmata up to 2 µm long. Crassobasidia occasional. Lamella-edge fertile. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia absent. Lamellar trama subregular; hyphae 2–8 µm wide, thin-walled, hyaline, not discoloring in KOH, inamyloid. Subhymenium poorly developed. Pileus trama subregular; hyphae 2–4 µm wide, thick-walled, hyaline, not discoloring in KOH, inamyloid. Pileipellis a trichoderm; hyphae 2–5 µm, thin- to slightly thick-walled, hyaline; terminal elements 57–94 × 1.5–2 µm, narrow, flexuous, faintly gelatinized, hyaline, thin-walled. Stipitipellis a cutis often disrupted by flaring-out hyphae; hyphae 1.5–4 µm wide, thin-walled, hyaline; terminal elements 47–80 × 2–2 µm, narrow, flexuous, hyaline, thin walled, inamyloid. Caulocystidia absent. Clamp connections present on all hyphae.
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