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Description:An order of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi within the superclass Dothideomyceta (Fig. 2). Characteristics include crustose, epilithic or endolithic, or lichenicolous forms; photobiont cyanobacteria, filamentous or coccoid; perithecioid ascomata (open perithecioid ascomata with apothecia-like appearance in some marine species) solitary, unilocular, with a distinct involucrellum or not, exciple carbonized to hyaline, prosoplectenchymatous to pseudoplectenchymatous; branched and anastomosing, often irregularly thick, net-like physes, hymenial gel I-; asci bitunicate, fissitunicate, with ocular chamber, ovoid to subcylindrical, usually stalked, I-; ascospores hyaline (rarely brownish in mature specimens), oblong to ovoid-fusiform, 1-septate, gelatinous perispore usually present; conidiomata pycnidial, conidiogenous cells ± cylindrical, conidiogenesis phialidic; conidia bacilliform to ellipsoid; lacking secondary substances. They differ from Strigulales in their net-like physes and photobiont, and from the Monoblastiales in their irregularly thick net-like physes, prosoplectenchymatous exciple structure in most species and cyanobiont. 
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