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Description:Basidiomata lignicolous, stipitate, pileate; pilei imbricate becoming laterally attached with a common stipe in several tiers, chalky, margin sterile, chalky white to pale ochraceous turning smoky to greyish on bruising or after maturity; hymenophore spiny, gradually becoming papillae to meruloid folds then smooth towards margin, chalky white, ochraceous when dry; stipe at base, laterally fused towards base, centrally grey to brownish orange, rest chalky white; context distinctly duplex; hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae thin to distinctly thick-walled, often with multiple clamps; skeletal hyphae moderate to heavily thick-walled; pileus context monomitic, generative hyphae mostly with multiple clamps, distinctly wide and thick-walled than the trama of spine; spine hyphae dimitic; stipe hyphal system dimitic, generative and skeletal hyphae distinctly thick-walled and wide in duplex context as compare to peripheral regions; cystidia fusiform to ventricose, deeply embedded, hyaline, smooth; basidia clamped, 2–4 sterigmate; basidiospores subglobose to ellipsoid, smooth. 
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