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Remarks (public):The coherent felty mat, which peels readily from the agar, and the conspicuously large chlamydospores, together with the characteristic odor of carbide, make cultures of Polyporus frondosus readily separable from other species having the same key patterns. 
Description type:Culture description 
Description:Polyporus frondosus Dicks. ex Fries
Cultural characters: (Pl. IX, Fig. 14; Pl. X, Figs. 42 to 46).
Growth characters. Growth moderately rapid to slow, plates covered in three to six weeks. Advancing zone even, hyaline and appressed in band up to 0.5 cm. broad. Mat white or with tinge of "chamois (2.0Y7.5/5.8) and "honey yellow" (2.0Y6.7/6.2) after two weeks, newest growth slightly raised, loosely arranged, woolly, soon becoming compact woolly-felty, thick and opaque, peeling readily from agar, in some isolates forming small pored fruit bodies after five to six weeks. Reverse unchanged or with some areas "tawny-olive" (8.0YR4.8/5.8) to "cinnamon-brown" (5.0YR3.0/3.0). Odor of carbide strong at two to five weeks, disappearing later. On gallic and tannic acid agars diffusion zones weak to strong, diameter trace to 2.5 cm. on gallic acid agar, no growth on tannic acid agar.
Hyphal characters. Advancing zone: hyphae hyaline nodose-septate, 1.5-3.0 µm diameter. Aeyial mycelium: (a) hyphae as in advancing zone; (b) fiber hyphae fairly numerous or apparently lacking, with walls thick and refractive lumina very narrow or lacking, branched, 1.5-3.0 µm diameter; (c) chlamydospores few to abundant, with walls slightly thickened, terminal or intercalary 10.5-22.0 x 9.0-16.5 µm. Fruit body: (a) basidia 6.3-7.3 µm diameter, bearing four spores; (b) basidiospores hvaline even, apiculate, broadly ovoid, frequently with conspicuous oil drop, 4.5-6.3 x 3.6-4.5 µm. Submerged mycelium: (a) nodose-septate hyphae and (b) chlamydospores as described above; (c) crystals numerous, large, octahedral.
Type of rot: spongy butt rot of broad-leaved trees.
Descriptions of cultural characters: Badcock Cartwright and Findlay (56), Davidson, Campbell; Davidson, Campbell, and Vaughn (67).

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