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Remarks (public):Holotype: BP 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Pileus 6–20 × 4–10 mm when still closed, cylindrical to ellipsoidal or ovoid, expanding to campanulate then flat, 15–45 mm when expanded, honey-colored, ochre-brown when young, becoming sordid, grayish upon ageing, with a pale ochre-brown button when mature, sulcate-striate up to the center. Lamellae free, crowded, ventricose, up to 4 mm broad, at first whitish, then grayish and black. Stipe 40–90 × 1–2 mm, slender, fistulose, glabrous, pale ochre-brownish, slightly strigose at the base. Smell and taste not distinctive. Basidiospores [38, 2, 1] 10.5–13.5 × 8–11.5 μm, avg 11.8 × 9.7 μm, Q = 1.1–1.4, Qavg = 1.2, broadly ellipsoidal to broadly hexagonal, sometimes ovoid or almost rounded triangular, lentiform, ellipsoid in lateral view, with eccentric germ pore. Basidia 4-spored, clavate, 30–45 × 10–14 μm. Cheilocystidia utriform, clavate, sometimes broadly lageniform, 35–80 × 12–20 μm, pleurocystidia utri- to lageniform, often quite narrow and slender 75–90 × 24–35 μm. Pileipellis hymeniderm, pileo- and sclerocystidia lacking. Habitat: Grazed meadows and pastures, once found in alvar vegetation. 
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