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Description:Prothallus absent or pale greenish brown, medium brown or dark brown, fleck-like or fimbriate (fimbriate prothallus only seen in one specimen in few places). Thallus pale greenish grey, medium brownish green, medium greenish brown, medium brown or dark greenish brown, in one specimen grey-pruinose; continuous, rimose or more rarely areolate, c. 0.05–0.2 mm thick; sterile areoles 0.1–0.3 mm in diam., algal cells (5–)7–10(–12) m, cortex often not clearly differentiated, c. 5–12 m thick, cortical cells brown. Perithecia 0.12–0.23 mm in diam., (1/2–)3/4(–1-)immersed in thallus, usually without thalline cover, lower part rarely with a thin thalline cover; perithecial density c. 120–220 / cm2. Ostiole inconspicuous, tiny, pale or dark, plane or depressed, c. 20–30 m wide. Involucrellum extending to the exciple base level, in a few perithecia occasionally not reaching the exciple base level, although extending more than half-way down the exciple, 30–50(–70) m thick, appressed to the exciple or slightly diverging near base, dark purplish brown in squash. Exciple 0.13–0.20 mm in diam., wall pale to dark brown. Periphysoids c. (15–)20–25 × (1.5–)2–2.5(–3) m, moderately to richly branching. Asci 38–57 × 14–19 m, 8-spored. Ascospores 0-septate, (10.4–)12.0–13.3–14.6(–17.1) × (5.2–)5.5–6.1–6.7(–8.1) m (n = 124). Pycnidia not seen. 
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