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 Add this item to the list   Polyporus vinosus Berk.
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Description:Polyporus vinosus Berk.
Culture examined: FRI 653: Polysporous, Isolated from 7597 on Pinus roxburghii Sargent, stump, causing white rot.
Growth characters. - Rate of growth moderately rapid, the radius at 1 week 2.9-3.4 cm. Advancing zone bayed, hyaline and appressed. Mat at first appressed, downy and farinaceous, hyaline to white, alter 2-3 weeks mat as described, subfelty to thin felty in some areas and with felty granules scattered over the surface, white, `tilleul buff', `vinaceous-buff', `vinaceous-fawn', `avellaneous', `light cinnamon-drab' and `cinnamon-drab', after 4-6 weeks floccose-felty, subfelty, thin felty to felty, forming groups of papillae along the walls of Petri-dish at some places, mostly thin translucent with the same range of colours as described above. Reverse unchanged or `cinnamon-drab', `vinaceous brown' to `russet' at places. Odour of mushrooms.
Tests for extracellular oxidase positive: on gallic and tannic acid agars diffusion zones very strong and moderately strong respectively and no growth on either medium; with guaiacum reaction strong.
Hyphal characters. - Advancing zone, hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, nodose-septate, branched, 1.8--4.9 µm in diameter. Aerial mycelium: (a) hyphae as in advancing zone, thin to slightly thick-walled; (b) hyphae light brown, slightly thick to thick-walled, nodose-septate, branched, flexuous, these hyphae composing papillae with small projections or knob-like branches and compactly arranged, 3.0-4.9 µm in diameter. Submerged mycelium: (a) hyphae as in advancing zone; (b) slightly thick to thick-walled hyphae as in aerial mycelium.
P. vinosus is characterised in culture by thin mat with vinaceous to cinnamon tints, forma-. tion of groups of papillae on the sides, positive tests for extracellular oxidase and hyphae from papillae with small projections and knob-like branches.
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