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Description:Conidia 12-20 µm in length, thick-walled, 1-3 septate oval, predominantly 1-septate oval (k-m & o), with little distinction in size between micro and macroconidia. Reniform microconidia rarely detected (m). Conidiophores elongate (50-130 µm), filiform, 1-3 septate, incorporating microconidia-bearing terminal monophialides (i & j). Chlamydospores smooth-walled (p-s) or verrucose-verroculose (u), mostly intercalary, but also terminal. Singular intercalary chlamydospores globose to subglobose with or without supporting cells (4.5-7.5 µm in diam) (h, q & r). Pairs (n) and clusters of 2-4 celled globose to subglobose smooth-walled chlamydospores (4.5-7.5 µm in diam) with (p-w) or without supporting cells (s). Culture characteristics- Colonies fast-growing, growth rate on oatmeal agar (OA), 0.45 cmday-1; a-b. Growth rate on potato dextrose agar (PDA), 0.43 cmday-1; c-d. Growth rate on synthetic nutrient agar (SNA) 0.43 cmday-1; e-f. The strain has covered the Petri dish with thin mycelium. Colonies attaining 29 mm diam. in 7 d on PDA at 20 °C, 57 mm diam. at 25 °C, 59 mm diam. at 28-30 °C, 22 mm diam. at 34 °C, and 19 mm at 37 °C. Fungus did not grow at 5 and 40 °C and it lost its viability at 40 °C. Incubating under an alternating day/night 12 h photoperiod. The fungus grew at a broad range of pH (3.5-9), while the optimum growth occurred at pH values between 5.5 and 6.5. 
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