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Description:Basidiocarps scattered or gregarious, sometimes coalesced, pustulate to pulvinate, sessile, orange, firm-gelatinous, 0.5–1 mm high, 0.5–2 mm in diameter. Internal hyphae branched, septate, thin-walled, hyaline, 2–3 µm in diameter, with clamp connections. Marginal hyphae on sterile surfaces of basidiocarps cylindrical, straight or flexuous, septate, hyaline, with irregularly shaped thin-walled terminal cells of 30–45 × 3–5 µm. Hymenium limited to the upper surface of the basidiocarp, amphigenous, composed of basidia and simple cylindrical dikaryophyses. Probasidia cylindrical to clavate, pale yellow, 35–55 × 5 µm, with basal clamp connections, becoming bifurcate. Basidiospores cylindrical to reniform, straight or curved, with an apiculum at the base, thick-walled, hyaline to pale yellow, 16–19 × 6–7 µm, 17 × 6 µm on average (n = 10), 0–3-septate. 
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