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 Add this item to the list  112975 Horak, Persoonia 11: 18-19 (1980)
Description type:Original description 
Description:Pileus 10-25mm, convex to expanded, always with conspicuous (up to 6mm high), conic papilla; pale brown to fuscous; papilla covered with coarse but small, brown scales and squamules, fibrillose-rimose towards not striate margin; dry, veil remnants absent. Lamellae (L 8-12,-3)adnexed to emarginate-adnexed, ventricose; cinnamon, argillaceous or pale brown, edge white, fimbriate. Stipe 30-45 x - 2mm, cylindric, equal, slender; concolorous with pileus; densely covered with coarse, brown fibrils especially towards apex, yellow, strigose hairs at base, cortina remnants absent; dry, fistulose, single in groups. Context brown. Odour and taste not distinctive.
Spores 8.5-10 x 6.5-7 µm, lemon-shaped to amygdaliform, distinctly mucronate, smooth, brown, membrane thin-walled. Basidia 25-30 x 6-7µm, 4-spored. Cheilo-and pleurocystidia 40-80 x 12-18 µm,cylindric to subfusoid or lageniform, membrane rather thin-walled (up to 1 µm diam.), hyaline, rarely encrusted with crystals. Caulocystidia absent. Cuticle a cutis or trichoderm of bundled, cylindric hyphae (4-8 µm diam.), membrane up to 1pm diam.,encrusted with brown pigment. Clamp connection present on septa.
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