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Description:Macroscopy: PILEUS to 27 mm, convex flattened with centre dull yellow (3B3) and whitish in the margin, surface plicate; veil only as few plates over in centre, pale to white. Lamellae adnexed, grayish (2F1), subclose, 2 mm broad; lamellulae common, having several lengths. STIPE to 45 × 5 mm, central, slightly flattened, whitish (1A2), surface smooth, hollow; context thin. Microscopy: BASIDIOSPORES 7.5–10.5 × 6.1–7.6 (–9.2) × 4.5–6.5 µm (av. 9.2 × 6.9 × 6.1 µm; Q1 = (1.07–)1.10–1.46 (–1.50), Qm1 = 1.31; Q2 = 1.50–1.82, Qm2 =1.67), dark brown to almost black in KOH 3% and reddish-brown in Melzer, ellipsoid in side view and cordiform in face view with wide base and rounded sides, some tapering toward the germ pore, wall up to 1µm, hilar appendix visible, germ pore eccentric small, visible sometimes. BASIDIA 17.5–33.5 × 8.5–13 µm, clavate, four-spored with sterigmata up to 3 µm. PLEUROCYSTIDIA 37.3–53 × 15.3–22 µm, frequent, utriform to sublageniform, hyaline, thin wall. CHEILOCYSTIDIA 26.0–28.1 × 8.7–10.7 µm, very common, utriform and lageniform sometimes broadly clavate, hyaline, thin-walled. LAMELLAE TRAMA subregular hyphae 1.5 ̶ 3.6 µm width, hyaline or yellowish. VEIL 13.3–31.1 × 1.5–5.6 µm, thin wall elements, slightly elongated, inflated or tapered, yellowish, sometimes shapeless. CAULOCYSTIDIA 43.5–51 × 5.5–12.2 µm, clavate to slender-clavate, hyaline, thin walled, clamps lacking. PILEIPELLIS consisting of a hymenioderm of hyaline, globose cells some with peduncle 19.5–37 × (10.2–) 14.8–24.5 µm, wall thickening up to 1.5 µm. Clamps absent in all tissues observed. 
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