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Description:Thallus crustose, continuous to somewhat cracked, whitish to whitish grey. Apothecia of transitional between biatorine and ‘byssoid-like’ types, distinctly adnate, very closely attached to substrate, from thin to rather thick and semiconvex at overmature, from single to aggregated or overgrowing each other, from rounded to very irregular with undulating margin, disc dark violetish to blackish violet or ink blue, to variegated colouration after long term keeping in herbarium, dark brown to blackish brown with bluish tinge and light brown or yellowish brown in parts; own margin white with slightly violetish tinge to whitish violet or transparent violet. In section apothecia of transitional between biatorine and ‘byssoid-like’ types, true exciple formed by palisade plectenchyma, i.e. of vertically orientated parallel hyphae, outer cells with papillae; in basal portion present only in places, scleroplectenchymatous. Thalline exciple absent. Hymenium 30–40 μm high, dull aeruginose blue, epihymenium with violetish/greyish/bluish granules; paraphyses to 4 μm diam., while in K or N cellular content to 1.5 μm diam. and paraphysis wall/sheet to 5(–7) μm diam.; subhymenium to 40 μm thick, dull aeruginose blue without oil droplets, concolorous with hymenium. Hypothecium brown- ish to violetish or blackish violet. Asci Lecanora-type, 8-spored. Ascospores narrowly bacilliform to somewhat narrowly lens-like, very narrow, 10–13 × 2–3.2 μm. Chemistry: thallus K–, C–, KC–, P–; hymenium and subhymenium N+ violet-purple. 
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