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Description:Pileus 9.5 cm in diameter (generally 4–10 cm), almost at, slightly depressed in the center or broadly convex
to applanate, brown, smooth, slightly viscid when wet, hygrophanous margin, no striations. Lamellae pinkish brown or brown, moderately crowded with short free gills. Sinuate (depressed around the stipe), edge even. Stipe 7.5 cm long (generally 6–10 cm), 1.0 cm wide (generally 0.8–1.4 cm), yellowish brown with white apex, fragile or sometimes stout, brillose. Context in pileus concolorous, white to slightly yellowish brown, in stipe white to light yellow. Spores 5-6-angled, 6.3-8.2-8.9/6.3-7.2-8.1 μm, Q = 1.0-1.1-1.2 (n = 20). Basidia 2- or 3-spored, 25–30 × 13–15 μm. (n = 5). Cystidia not observed. Pileipellis hyphae hyaline, relatively short and broad, or fusoid-ventricose, terminal cells somewhat broad cylindrical. Stipitipellis terminal cells long to short clavate in bundles. Clamps present, Smell indistinctive or nitrous and slightly unpleasaqnt odor when well matured. Taste not bitter.
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