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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Fomes robustus Karst. (Pl. IV & Pl. IX, 28) Key Pattern: 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 3 2 1
GROWTH CHARACTERS.-Growth slow, 1.5 cm. in 1 week. Advancing zone hyaline, even, appressed. Mat `straw yellow' to 'naples yellow', and `antimony yellow' at some places, loose-cottony, becoming short cottony to sodden in the major portions, cottony woolly at some places, felt), over and around the inoculum. Reverse dark brown. Odour none.
Tests for extracellular oxidase positive; on gallic and tannic acid agars, diffusion zones strong and moderately strong respectively; growth 1.5 cm on former and trace to 1.0 cm on latter, guaiacum reaction moderately strong.
HYPHAL CHARACTERS.- Advancing zone: hyphae hyaline, thin to slightly thickwalled, branched, simple septate, 2.0-4.0 µm diameter. Aerial mycelium: (a) as in advancing zone; (b) fibre hyphae yellowish brown, aseptate, thick-walled, rarely branched, 2.31-3.08 µm diameter; (c) chlamydospores round, terminal, slightly thick-walled, 7.70-10.12 µm broad. Submerged mycelium: hyphae yellow, thin-walled, branched, often covered with incrustations.
CULTURES EXAMINED: FRI 53: Context culture, isolated from 4415 on stump of Picea smithiana (Wall.) Boiss and FRI 53 (a): Context culture, isolated from M 688 on living Abies pindrow Royle, causing white heart rot.
Reference: Bakshi (1955).
F. robustus is distinguished by its slow growth, yellow brown cottony mat and chlamydospores.
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