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Description:Colonies on PDA attaining 39–41 mm diam. after 21 d, flat, margin entire, grey-green at the center and white to the margin. Reverse pale brown to white. Colonies on SNA attaining 30–34 mm diam. after 21 d, margin entire, white, aerial mycelia sparse. Reverse white. Vegetative hyphae hyaline to pale green, septate, branched, thin- and smooth-walled, 2.0–3.0 μm diam., sometimes swollen. Conidiophores reduced to the conidiogenous cells, or one supporting cell. Phialides not abundant, arised laterally or terminally from aerial mycelia, or from the supporting cells of the conidiophores, solitary, ampuliform or sometimes irregular, straight or curved, slightly contracted at the base and gradually tapering to apex, 7–15 × 2–4 µm, with one or occasionally two conspicuous collarettes. Conidia aggregated in small slimy head, enteroblastic, globose, smooth, hyaline, 1.5–3.0 µm diam. (mean = 2.2 ± 0.3 µm, n = 30), sometimes with a basal hilum. 
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