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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Trametes lactinea Berk. (Pl. VI & Pl. XI, 49) Key Pattern: 1 1 1 1 5 2 2 2 1 2 2
GROWTH CHARACTERS.- Growth rapid, 5.5 cm in 1 week. Advancing zone hyaline, even, appressed. Mat white short-cottony to farinaceous-subfelty to floccose-felty becoming typical felty with age and cottony-woolly over the inoculum. Reverse unchanged. Odour fruity.
Tests for extracellular oxidase positive; on gallic and tannic acid agars diffusion zones strong and moderately strong respectively, growth 1.5 cm on former and 2.5 cm on latter; guaiacum reaction strong.
HYPHAL CHARACTERS.-Advancing zone: hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, nodose septate, 2.3-3.0 µm diameter. Aerial mycelium: (a) hyphae as in advancing zone, thin to slightly thick-walled, up to 4 µm diameter, (b) interlocking hyphae from skin like areas hyphae, closely packed, slightly thick-walled, swollen. Submerged mycelium: hyphae as in aerial mycelium.
CULTURE EXAMINED: FRI 230: Context culture, isolated from 5385 on the stump of unknown hardwood causing white rot.
T. lactinea is characterized by its white felty mat, fruity odour and presence of interlocking hyphae.
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