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Remarks (internal):This species is very easy to distinguish by the presence of a black inner context layer of the sporophores. Only Phellodon niger (Fr.) P. Karst., not found in Florida, can be confused with P. alboniger. They both have the black hard inner context layer; however, P. alboniger can be distinguished from P. niger by the presence of the white tomentum at the active growing margins of the pilei which become grayish brown at the discs. The tomentum of P. niger is white at the margin becoming olive gray to darker gray at the disc (Baird, 1984).
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Description:PHELLODON ALBONIGER (Pk.) Banker
Hydnum albonigrum Pk., Annual Rep. New York State Mus. 50: 110. 1896 (1897). Phellodon alboniger (Pk.) Banker, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 12: 168. 1906. Calodon alboniger (Pk.) Seeler, Rhodora 44: 168. 1942. Phellodon niger var. alboniger (Pk.) K. Harrison, Stip. hydnums Nova Scotia 22. 1961. TYPE: UNITED STATES. NEW YORK: Saratoga Co., Gansevoort, Aug, C. H. Peck (NYS!).
Sporophore single. Pileus up to 4.5 cm broad, pliant, rarely depressed, spongy tomentose to matted, glabrous towards disc, white (6A1) to camel (6D4); context up to 1 cm thick, duplex, azonate, subsurface layer concolorous with pileus, inner layer bluish black (21H8); taste mild; odor slightly fragrant (fenugreek). Stipe up to 3 x 1.5 cm, central, terete with a bulbous base, subvelutinous to spongy tomentose below, matted above, concolorous with pileus; context duplex, azonate, concolorous with pileus flesh. Spines up to 3.5 mm long, decurrent to a line, crowded, white (6A1), gray (6B1) to brownish gray (7D2). Chemical reactions: context tissue blue green becoming black in KOH or NH4OH.
Pileus trama hyphae up to 5.3 Am diam, uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel below, clamps not seen; gloeoplerous-like hyphae up to 6 Am diam. Stipe hyphae up to 5 µm diam, uninflated, interwoven in subsurface layer, parallel at center, clamps not seen; gloeoplerous-like hyphae up to 7 µm diam. Spine trama hyphae up to 6 µm diam, uninflated, clamps not seen. Basidia 24-36 x 5-6.4 (7.2) um (z = 31 ± 3.92 x 6.4 ± 0.55 µm), clavate, clamps not seen; sterigmata 4-4.8 ,um long (z = 4.5 ± 0.46 µm). Basidiospores 3.8-5.2 x 3.6-4.4 µm (z = 4-90 ± 0.41 X 4.26 ± 0.4 um), subglobose to globose, hyaline; ornamentation tuberculate (Fig. I G), tubercules not prominent.
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