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Description:Basidioma small to large. Pileus 3–11 cm in diam., convex to applanate; surface tomentose, dry, pale yellow-brown to pale red-brown, becoming gray-brown with age; context cream to yellowish, staining bluish slowly or faintly bluish when injured. Hymenophore adnate to sinuate, sometimes depressed around the stipe; surface fresh yellow when young, dull yellow to brownish yellow with age, staining blue slowly or indistinctly when bruised; pores compound, angular, 1–2 mm in diam.; tubes concolorous with hymenophoral surface, bluing slowly when injured. Stipe 3–9× 0.5–1.3 cm, subcylindrical, reddish brown or upper part pale yellow, remaining part reddish brown, with fine longitudinal striations at apical part; context of stipe cream, staining bluish slowly or indistinctly when injured; basal mycelium dirty white. Taste and odor mild.
Basidia 28–38 × 9–11 μm, clavate, 4-spored; sterigmata 4–5 μm long. Basidiospores 10–12 (12.5) × 4–5 μm [Q = (2.1) 2.36–2.45 (2.9), Qm = 2.4 ± 0.16], subfusiform in side view with slight suprahilar depression, subfusoid in ventral view, brownish yellow, smooth under light microscopy, but with bacillate surface ornamentation under SEM. Hymenophoral trama phylloporoid. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia scattered, 35–72 × 8–14 μm, clavate to ventricose, thin-walled. Pileipellis a trichoderm composed of thin-walled hyphae which are yellowish brown in water but colorless in KOH; the terminal cells subcylindrical, 22–47 (85) × 9–19 μm. Clamp connections absent in all tissues.
Habitat: Scattered on soil in forests of Pinus and Fagaceae.
Known distribution: Currently only known from Yunnan and Henan provinces in China.
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