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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:In vitro (CBS 109875): Conidiomata eustromatic, superficial or immersed in agar, mostly scattered, 150-550 mm diam, at first spherical, closed, white to buff, then becoming cinnamon. Macroconidiogenous cells determinate, phialidic, terminal cells cylindrical or slightly tapered towards apex, 11-26 2.6-4 mm. Macroconidia subcylindrical to fusiform, curved, ends rounded or somewhat pointed, aseptate, 20-34 2.6-4 mm (av. 24-32 2.9-3.5 mm, n = 34). Microconidiogenous cells determinate, phialidic, sometimes with minute collarette, cylindrical to narrowly ampulliform, 8-16 1.8-3 mm. Microconidia hyaline, aseptate, filiform, straight or curved, rounded at ends, 10-21 1-1.4 mm, (av. 12.7-18.7 1.1-1.3 mm, n = 32).
Culture characteristics: Colonies on OA reaching 66 mm diam after 21 d; flat with a radially arranged synnema-like hyphal cluster, white, cottony, with a clear droplet on top; margin entire with a low fringe of white radiating hyphae; surface smooth, in centre hazel to olivaceous due to submerged mycelium, darker with age, outer zone white; reverse concolourous. On MEA reaching 21-24 mm diam after 21 d; flat, slightly folded in centre, edge entire; aerial mycelium sparse, white, only present in centre, dark coral in centre, fading outwards from flesh to white in outer zone; no diffusing pigment.
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