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Description:Basidiomata medium-sized, fleshy, fragile. Pileus 50–70 mm in diam., margin involute when young, convex with a depressed center when mature, mostly faintly zonate, more clearly zonate towards margin, orange to Pompeian yellow (5C6), yellowish brown, vinaceous-red with brownish tinge, sometimes with bluish-green or bluish-lilac tinge at center, hygrohanous; surface greasy. Context 3–5 mm thick in the pileus, pale grayish red or pale orange, not discoloring when bruised. Lamellae 2–4 mm wide, crowded, short decurrent, light orange (5A4, 6A5), discoloring bluish green after bruised. Stipe 30–50 × 12–15 mm, central to eccentrical, equal or slightly tapering upwards, Persian orange (6B7), mandarin orange (6B8, or duller), grayish red (7B6), grayish orange to grayish red (6B67B6), discoloring bluish green when bruised, with a whitish zone underneath the lamellae attachment, with white to cream-orange strigose hairs at the base, solid to hollow; surface subgreasy to greasy. Latex deep orange to mandarin orange (6A86B8), discoloration not observed. Basidiospores (7.5) 8.0–9.5 (10.0) × (6.0) 6.5–8.0 (8.5) µm [Q = (1.14) 1.18–1.38 (1.43), Q = 1.26 ± 0.06] (160/8/7), ellipsoid, rarely broadly ellipsoid; ornamentation up to 1.0 m high, mostly 0.3–0.7 µm high, of short or long ridges partly connected, sometimes forming an incomplete reticulum, with isolated warts, rarely arranged in a more or less zebroid pattern; plage not amyloid or slightly distally amyloid. Basidia 50–60 × 9–13 µm, subclavate, 4-spored; sterigamata 5–7 µm long. Pleuromacrocystidia absent to common, often abundant near lamella edge, 30–70 × 5–8 µm, projecting up to 30 µm beyond the basidia, subfusiform, sublanceolate, some with a moniliform apex, with yellowish granular or crystal-like contents. Pseudocystidia common, (2) 3–4 (5) µm wide, cylindrical, pale yellow to pale golden yellow, some forking or multi-branching at apex. Lamella edge sterile. Cheilomacrocystidia absent. Hymenophoral trama with sphaerocytes and abundant golden yellowish-brown lactifers, lacking typical rosettes. Pileipellis an ixocutis, 70–170 µm thick, of compact hyphae; hyphae 2.5–6 µm diam., slightly to strongly gelatinized, often shrivelled, thin-walled, hyaline, rarely pale yellow. Stipitipellis a cutis, 2060 m thick, very rarely with an ixocutis 150170 um thick; hyphae strongly gelatinized, 2–5 µm diam. Trama of pileus and stipe with abundant golden yellowish brown lactifers and rosettes. Clamp-connections absent. 
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