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Description:Saprobic on palms. Sexual morph Stromata effuse- pulvinate, 3.5–93 mm long, 2.5–22 mm broad, 0.95–1.5 mm high (excluding ostiolar necks), with inconspicuous to 1/3 exposed perithecial mounds, developing within bark, erumpent through the periderm, yielding a dull green pigment in 7 % KOH; surface dull black, strongly uneven owing to stout; stromatal crust strongly carbonaceous; interperithecial tissue blackish, powdery, without visible granules. Ascomata 0.6– 0.95 mm high, 0.3–0.7 mm diam., obovoid to flask-shaped, completely encased in thick carbonaceous tissue. Ostioles conical, papillate, encircled with a flattened truncatum-type disc, 0.1–0.2 mm diam. Paraphyses not seen. Asci 74–170 × 4.5 − 7 μm (x = 125 × 5.5 μm, n = 25), 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical, fragile and readily deliquescing, with long pedicel, up to 50 μm, without a visible apparent apical apparatus, not bluing in Melzer’s reagent. Ascospores 12–14.5×3.5−5 μm (x = 13.5× 4 μm, n = 60), fusiform, 1-septate, brown to dark brown, with a faint, curved, germ slit ca. 3/5th of the spore length, lacking cellular appendages or a gelatinous sheath; epispore smooth. 
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