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Description:A new suborder within order Teloschistales containing the families Megalosporaceae and Teloschistaceae. Lichenized, very rarely lichenicolous; thallus crustose to squamulose, foliose, or fruticose, often yellow-orange to orange-red (Teloschistaceae); photobiont chlorococcoid. Ascomata apotheciate, mostly lecanorine or pseudolecanorine, more rarely biatorine or lecideine. Hamathecium consisting of unbranched to slightly branched and sometimes anastomosing, often slightly capitate paraphyses, amyloid. Asci semifissitunicate, with apical tholus and (in Teloschistaceae) distinct ocular chamber, upper part of tholus (cap) and lower part lining the ocular chamber darker amyloid, cylindrical to clavate. Ascospores (1–)8(–16) per ascus, transversely septate to muriform, oblong-ellipsoid, either euseptate with rectangular lumina and usually megalosporous with large lumina and thickened walls (Megalosporaceae) or polarilocular with very thick septa and central canal connecting the lumina (Teloschistaceae), hyaline, non-amyloid. Conidiomata pycnidia; conidia non-septate, bacillar to clavate, ellipsoid or bifusiform, hyaline. Secondary chemistry: variable, commonly with anthraquinones, depsides (atranorin), depsidones (pannarin), dibenzofuranes (usnic acid), terpenes (zeorin), and sometimes lichexanthone. Mostly on rock and epiphytic on bark. 
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