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 Add this item to the list   PORIA ALPINA Litsch.
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Remarks (internal):Cultures of P. alpina are characterized by a yellow mat, medium growth, chlamydospores, hyphae with irregularly thickened walls, and distinctive rigid fiber hyphae with partially thickened walls.
Baxter (3, 5) has published some of the cultural characteristics of this species under the name of P. xantha forma crassa. The culture, UIFP 737, which was isolated from a basidiocarp by Ehrlich in 1938, was included in tests by Southam and Ehrlich (25) tinder the same name.
Description type:Culture description 
Description:PORIA ALPINA Litsch.
Key Pattern. C-O-M-1-2-11-16.
Growth Characteristics. Growth medium, forming a mat 25-30 mm in diam in 7 days and 57-64 mm in diam in 14 days; mat Primrose Yellow to Naphthalene Yellow, occasionally as light as Marguerite Yellow at the margin, uniformly short, fine woolly, mounding slightly over the inoculum block, intermediate in thickness over most of the mat, slightly thinner and more appressed at the margin, adherent, soft at 14 days; margin proper more or less distinct, even; odorless; no reverse discoloration; oxidase reactions negative with the Bavendamm and gull) guaiac tests, making a mat 23-25 mm in diam on gallic acid and 0 to a trace of growth on tannic acid agars in 7 days. Mat on gallic acid agar similar in texture and color to that on malt agar (FIG. 4, C).
Hyphal Characteristics. Staining hyphae thin-walled, (2-)3-5(-6) µm in diam, septate, with abundant clamps that may occasionally become refractive on older hyphae; hyphae with irregularly thickened walls, broken frequently at the clamps, 3.5-7 µm in diam: fiber hyphae with walls partially thickened, rigid, sinuous in outline, branching at right angles, aseptate, 2-3.5 µm in diam; chlamydospores moderate in number, intercalary, typically ovoid, occasionally spherical to elongate, staining, with medium hyaline walls, 11.5-16 x 7.5-10.5 µm; crystals irregular lumps or clusters (FIG. 5, C).
Test-Tube Cultures. In 28 days mat uniformly appressed, smooth felty over slant and continuous onto the cylinder, becoming short woolly toward the margin, Sea-foam Yellow over slant, Primrose Yellow to Barium Yellow on the newer growth; no reverse discoloration.
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