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Remarks (internal):The cultural description of this species is based on only one isolate. The variations that can be expected within am species, such as growth rate, texture and color of mat, and even microscopic characters, are not demonstrated by a single isolate. The description is given here in the expectation that it may prove useful, within limits, to other workers. The thin white mat, negative oxidase reaction on acid media and rare presence of double clamps are the primary distinguishing characters of the species as exhibited by this culture. 
Description type:Culture description 
Description:PORIA RHODELLA (Fr.) Cke
Key Pattern. A-O-I-10, A-O-I-1-10.
Growth Characteristics. Growth moderately rapid, forming a mat
50-57 mm in diam in 7 days and 90+ mm in diam in 14 days; mat white, appressed. sparsely downy-woolly to floccose, so thin in central zone at 7 days as to allow the color of the substratum to show through, becoming denser and homogeneous by 14 days, adherent, fragile; margin proper fimbriate, more or less indistinct; odorless; no reverse discoloration; oxidase reactions negative with the Bavendamm test, making a trace of growth on gallic acid and no growth on tannic acid agars in 7 (lays, and positive with the gum guaiac test, giving a medium reaction in 3 min (Fig. 4, H).
Hyphal Characteristics. All hyphae staining, 2.5-7(-8.5) µm in diam, simple-septate, with rare single or double clamps mostly on the larger hyphae, occasionally slightly swollen at the clamps; submerged and older hyphae with irregular swellings up to 10.5 µm in diam and short branches, frequently staining lightly and containing scattered minute shining globules; crystals octahedrals, large to very small, abundant
(FIG. 6, D).
Test-Tube Cultures. In 28 clays mat appressed, uniformly thin downy-woolly over slant and onto the agar cylinder, slightly denser and compacted at top of slant, whute; substratum slightly bleached.
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