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Description:Basidiomata terrestrial, humicolous, angiocarpous, semihypogeous, solitary to gregarious on the forest floor, 18–35 × 10–30 × 10–30 mm, globose to subglobose to even irregular shaped (potato like due to lobes), tough leathery to solid in consistency when fresh, hard and brittle on drying. Peridium glabrous, chamois-leather like, dry, greyish yellow-Champagne (4B3–4B4) and dark blonde (5D4) near the base adjacent to soil. Stipe absent. Columella absent. Gleba strongly labyrinthuloid, with small loci prominently visible in mature basidiomata but indistinct in young basidiomata, gelatinous veins between the loci, concolorous with peridium, orange grey (5B2), unchanging with FeSO4, but, turning fawn (brown) (7E4) with KOH. Latex immediately exuded upon bruising in fresh basidiomata but absent with drying or in older basidiomata, initially semen-like or watery white but turning slowly pale yellow (3A3) on cut surface. Taste slightly acrid. Smell indistinct while on cutting pleasant (slightly mushroom like). Basidiospores 9–11.3–14 × 9–11.2–14 µm, Q=1.00–1.00–1.07 globose to subglobose; ornamentation amyloid consisting mainly of very high (often branched) ridges and few isolated warts giving a winged pattern of ornamentation; under SEM, ridges 2.5–5 µm high, thick, often with undulated surface; long warts up to 1.8 µm high, spinoid; short warts up to 0.5 µm high, conical. Basidia 30–60 × 6–15 µm, 2–4 spored, subcylindrical to clavate, but irregular and wrinkled mostly; sterigmata 4–10 × 1.5–3 µm. Macrocystidia absent. Pseudocystida present, with dense granular fibrillose contents, projected slightly beyond hymenium. Peridiopellis 12–150 µm thick, an ixotrichodermis, composed to mostly septate, erect, branched, compactly arranged, thin walled, interwoven hyphae submerged in a thin slime layer; hyphae 1–3 µm wide, in some hyphae terminal cells with irregular projection. Trama composed of abundant lactiferous hyphae often branched, thin walled with dense crystalloid contents. 
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