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Description:Basidiocarps small, omphalinoid. Pileus 8–14 mm diam., somewhat plano-convex with a shallow
central depression; surface dark brown (6F5, 6F6/OAC637) at the center and on the squamules, brown (6E6/OAC636)
on striations and light brown (6D4/OAC639) elsewhere, not hygrophanous, finely striate, appressed- to recurvedsquamulose
all over; margin deflexed to straight, crenulate, finely fissile. Lamellae subdecurrent to decurrent or arcuate,
close, orange-gray (6B2/OAC669) or brownish orange (6C3/OAC613), up to 3 mm wide, with lamellulae in 2–3 tiers;
edge finely torn or somewhat wavy, concolorous with the sides. Stipe 18–28 × 2–2.5 mm, central, equal or slightly
tapering towards the apex, hollow; surface grayish brown (6E3/OAC640) or brown (6E4/OAC638), whitish towards
the base, with fine appressed fibrils as well as slightly recurved squamules all over; base with whitish mycelium. Odor
and taste not distinctive.
Basidiospores 10–12.5 × 7–9 (11.4 ±0.69 × 7.9±0.73) μm, Q = 1.2–1.71, Qm =1.45, nodulose-multiangled,
heterodiametric-ovate, with 5–7 plane or concave facets, pale brownish yellow, thick-walled. Basidia 27–44 × 9–14
μm, clavate, pale yellow, thin- to slightly thick-walled, 4-spored; sterigmata up to 5 μm long. Lamella-edge sterile.
Cheilocystidia abundant, 22–84 × 10–29 μm, versiform: oblong, ellipsoid, fusiform, clavate, conical, narrowly
utriform or cylindrical with an acute apex, pale yellow, thin- to slightly thick-walled, with fine hyaline encrustations.
Pleurocystidia none. Lamellar trama subregular, made up of both narrow and inflated hyphae; hyphae 4–20 μm wide,
with a yellowish brown wall pigment and fine brown external encrustations, thin- to slightly thick-walled. Subhymenium
distinct, made up of pseudoparenchymatous cells. Pileus trama subregular; hyphae 3–20μm wide, with a pale yellow
or pale grayish yellow wall pigment and fine hyaline external encrustations, thin- to slightly thick-walled. Pileipellis
a cutis with a transition to a trichoderm; hyphae 10–31 μm, with brown plasmatic contents and fine hyaline external
encrustations, thin- to slightly thick-walled; terminal cells 32–75 × 7–15 μm, cylindrical or gradually tapering with an
obtuse or acuminate apex. Stipitipellis a cutis often disrupted by isolated or clustered ascending hyphae; hyphae 3–16
μm wide, with pale grayish or brownish plasmatic contents and hyaline external spiral encrustations, thin- to slightly
thick-walled; Caulocystidia absent. Clamp connections not observed on any hyphae.
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