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Description:Apothecia stipitate-capitate, regularly bilobate, cap 0.5–1.5 cm broad, apothecial margin inflexed (adnate); hymenium brown (5-6E4-8), drying brownish black (6F-G5-8); receptacle surface delicately pubescent; stipe hollow, 3–4 cm high, by 0.3–0.5 cm broad, yellowish and slightly compressed when dried. Medullary excipulum of dense textura intricata, hyphae 3–5 µm broad. Outer excipulum of subhyaline to light brown textura angularis, cells 20–35 x 10–30 µm, outermost cells club-shaped turning out perpendicularly to the surface forming clusters of loose, short-celled, hyaline hyphoid hairs heavily stained in CB. Asci pleurorhynchous, 270–300 x 13–15 µm. Ascospores ellipsoid, 18.0–19.8 x 11.8–12.6 µm. Paraphyses straight, ca. 3 µm broad, light brown along the whole length, at tips clavately enlarged to 5–8 µm. 
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