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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Apodus Malloch & Cain - Can. J. Bot. 49: 872. 1971.
Colonies restricted in growth, soon becoming dark green-brown, composed of branched, septate, usually pigmented hyphae; ascomata borne from coils on superficial hyphae, spherical, non-ostiolate, with a dark, thick, pseudoparenchymatous wall, composed of several layers of brown, flattened cells, covered with long, dark hyphal hairs; asci elongated, apically attenuated and truncate or rounded, with a refractive, nonamyloid apical structure, basally attenuated and stalked, 8-spored, deliquescent; ascospores ellipsoidal, brown, usually 1-celled, at maturity 0ccasionally with a septum in the middle or the upper or lower third, with a conspicuous germ pore; conidial state absent.
Type species: Apodus deciduus Malloch & Cain.
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