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Description:Basidiomata stipitate, pileus convex, 0.6 mm diameter, white, surface smooth, dry, smooth margin. Texture slightly elastic, white, immutable. Lamellae white, thick, separate, decurrent, with lamelullae present, smooth margin. Stipe central, white, 40 x 1.5 mm, cylindrical, smooth, white cottony micelia at the base. Spore print white. Basidia 31.82 – 37.31 x 7.17 – 7.73 µm, elongate, clavate, 2 and 4-spored, hyaline. Clamp connections present in the hymenium, lamellar trama irregular. Pileipellis as cutis. Basidiospores 8.07 – 8.85 x 5.07 – 5.50 µm, ellipsoid, amygdaloid, ovoid, smooth, non-amyloid, acyanophilic, non-dextrinoid, not metachromatic. Habit gregarious, on the ground, high montane forest. 
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