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Description:Mycelium subhyaline, septate, 2−3 µm wide hyphae. Ascomata superficial and immersed in culture, gregarious or solitary, ostiolate, brown to dark brown, globose to subglobose, 122–159(–256) × 101.5–143(–212) µm. Ascomatal wall brown, textura intricata or epidermoidea in surface view. Terminal or lateral hairs not observed. Asci fasciculate, cylindrical to subcylindrical, 8-spored, soon evanescent, 35–60 × 8–9.5 μm, short-stipitate, without apical structures. Paraphyses and periphyses not observed. Ascospores 1-celled, brown to dark brown, limoniform, 10−16 × 5.5−6.5(−8) µm. Chlamydospores brown, globose to subglobose, terminal and intercalary, 10.5−14.5 × 8 µm. Asexual morph not observed. 
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