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Description:Conidiophores 50–150 µm long, predominantly terverticillate, occasionally biverticillate, branches adpressed, 12–30 µm long, stipes 2.0–2.5 µm wide, smooth walled, non-vesiculate. Metulae cylindrical, 2–5, (8–) 9–12 (–14) × 1.5–2.5 µm. Phialides acerose, 3–6 (–8) per metula, 9–11 × 2.0–2.5 µm. Conidia in long, distorted chains, smooth walled, ellipsoid or barrel shaped, often with connectives on both sides, 3.0–3.5 × 1.5–2.0 µm. Ascomata absent. Culture characteristics — Colony diam, 7 d, in mm: CYA 12–16; CYA30°C 9–14; CYA37°C no growth; CYAS 2–5; MEA 25–30; MEA 30°C 27–31; OA 25–30; DG18 19–24; YES 12–16; creatine agar 4–8, poor growth, acid production absent. CYA, 25 °C: Colonies slightly flat, non-sulcate; colony texture granular in centre, velvety towards edges; sporulation moderate to good; conidia grey in centre, greyish green towards edges; mycelium white; exudate absent; soluble pigment absent after 7 d, present after 14 d, brown; margin entire; reverse light brown. YES, 25 °C: Colonies slightly raised in centre, non-sulcate; colony texture velvety; sporulation poor; mycelium white in centre, pale brown at the margin; exudate present, small pale brown; soluble pigments absent after 7 d, present after 14 d, terracotta; margin undulate; reverse brown. MEA, 25 °C: Colonies flat, concentrical and radial sulcate; colony texture granular; sporulation good; conidia yellow-green; mycelium white; exudate absent; soluble pigments absent; margin entire; reverse dark brown in centre, brown at margin. 
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