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Description:Sexual morph unknown. Colony on natural substrate effuse, black, hairy, up to more than 10 cm long. Mycelium mostly immersed, at the surface forming small stroma-like aggregations of dark brown pseudoparenchymatous cells (6.5–)8.7–12.5(–14.0) μm diam (n = 30). Conidiophores 275–700(–920) μm long, 11.5–19 μm wide at the base, tapering to 7–11 μm near the apex, arising solitarily or in fascicles from the stroma cells, erect, simple, straight or flexuous, thick-walled, sub-cylindrical, smooth, brown to dark brown, paler near the apex, with well-defined small pores at the apex and laterally beneath the upper 1–12 septa. Conidia (30–)35–48(–97) × (10.0–)13.7–16.5(–19.8) μm (n = 198), tapering to 4.5–6.0 μm at the distal end, with a blackish-brown 3–6 μm wide scar at the base, obpyriform to lageniform, straight or curved, thin-walled, smooth, pale brown, (4–)5–7(–10)-distoseptate, with angular lumina; wall up to 4.5(–6) µm thick. Culture characteristics: Culture L169: On CMD colony radius ca. 16 mm after 1 month at 22 °C. Colony yellow-green, turning dull yellowish brown, centre nearly black, yellowish pigment diffusing into agar (Fig. 3A); odour sweetish or unpleasant (“chemical”). On MEA colony radius 14 mm after 1 month at 22 °C. Colony thick, dense, zonate, orange, centre whitish to pale greenish, reverse with black and pale orange zones (Fig. 3B). 
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