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Description:Mycelium consisting of hyaline to olivaceous grey, branched, septate, 1–3 μm diam hyphae. Conidiophores dimorphic, solitary and in loose fascicles. Microconidiophores erect, cylindrical, almost straight, geniculate, 1–2-septate, pale brown to olivaceous brown, smooth, thick-walled (1 μm), 15–40 × 3–4 μm. Macroconidiophores erect, cylindrical, flexuous, geniculate, 4–8-septate, pale brown to olivaceous brown, smooth, thick-walled (1 μm), 50–130 × 4–5 μm. Conidiogenous cells integrated, terminal, subcylindrical, smooth, pale brown to brown, slightly thick-walled, 10–15 × 3–4 μm; loci sympodially arranged, slightly thickened and darkened. Primary ramoconidia ellipsoid to cylindrical, hyaline to pale olivaceous grey, smooth, 0–3-septate, slightly thick-walled, 30–40 × 5–6 μm; hila thickened and darkened. Secondary ramoconidia ellipsoid to cylindrical, hyaline, smooth, guttulate, 0–3-septate, slightly thick-walled, 16–23 × 4–6 μm; hila thickened. Intercalary conidia fusoid-ellipsoid, hyaline, guttulate, smooth, 0–2 septate, slightly constricted around the septum in some, thin-walled, 6–15 × 2–3 μm; loci thickened and darker. Terminal conidia lemoniform to pyriform to guttuliform, ellipsoid or fusoid, hyaline, guttulate, smooth, aseptate, thin-walled, 3–6 × 1–3 μm; loci thickened and darker. 
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