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Description:Sporangia and hyphal swellings (Fig. 6a-h): Sporangia of P. balyanboodja were not observed on solid agar but were produced abundantly in non-sterile soil extract. Sporangia were typically borne terminally on unbranched sporangiophores. Sporangia were persistent and non-papillate, although on first observation 20% of sporangia had apical protrusions (c, e-f), which later led to direct germination (h). Sporangia were exclusively ovoid in shape (a-g). Internal nested and extended proliferation of sporangia occurred in chains (d). Exit pores were 12.5 – 21.9 µm wide (av. 15.5 2.0 µm), zoospore cysts were spherical and 9.9 – 12.5 µm in diameter (av. = 10.9 ± 0.6 µm). Sporangial dimensions of two isolates of P. balyanboodja averaged 63.3 8.3 x 39.7 5.8 µm (overall range 40.9 – 75.7 x 21.2 – 51.1 µm). The length/breadth ratio ranged from 1.19 -2.23 (av. = 1.56 0.17). Chlamydospores and hyphal swellings were absent. Oogonia, oospores and antheridia: Gametangia were not produced in single culture or when paired with tester strains and this species is considered to be sterile in culture. 
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