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Description:Pileus: 8-12 mm in diameter, even convex expanded, with small umbo, ½ translucent-striate, margin straight, centre brown-pale brown (?), to margin faded to pale-brownish-whitish, whitish hairy under pocket-lens, on moist surface ± accumbent. Lamellae: 24-30 reaching the stipe, about 1 mm broad, free or small adnate, edge convex, straight, under pocket-lens a little bit yellowish, side of the gills whitish, edge homogen. Stipe: 18-25 x 0.5-1 mm, hollow, fragile, apically whitish, sometimes whitish to pale brownish, basically brownish Odour: slightly radish-like. Task: not investigated. Spores: 8.5-11 x 5.5 µm, QL/B = 1.5-2, elliptical-pip shaped, amyloid. Basidia: 20-27 x 7.5- 10 µm clavate, 4-sp., some 2-sp., 4-sp. clamped. Cheilocystidia: 22-50 x 10-38 µm, clavate, pyriform, diverticulate, 0.5-2.5 µm, sometimes with simple divited diverticles, to 10 µm long, without clamps . Pleurocystidia: 25 x 20 µm, pyriform, diverticulate. Hyphae of pileipellis: 5-15 µm in diameter, hyphae diverticulate, clavate terminating cells, about 65 x 20 µm, diverticles simple, rarely once divited, 2-12 x 0.5-1 µm, clamped; between these elements white, thick-walled, apically rounded, smooth hairs, some of these with spiny-like excrescences, 250-500 x 2.5 (apical) x 10-20 µm (basical). Often are visible hairs composed of diverticulate hyphae at base, rarely over the whole lenght. Hyphae of pileus trama: 45-60 x 15-25 µm, thin-walled, vesiculous, some cells clamped. Hyphae of cortex of stipe: 1.5-3 µm in diameter, thin-walled, long distant diverticles, 0.5-1 x 0.5 µm, lamped, stipe with smooth, thick-walled, white, to base smooth and partly knotty, brownish hairs, 100 x 2.5-5 µm. Caulocystidia: 45-80 x 5-15 µm, dense accumbent, clavate, diverticulate, diverticles 0.5 x 0.5 µm, clamped. Reaction with Melzers-reagent: vinaceous. 
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