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Description:Conidiomata pycnidial 265.3 µm (194.3–315.5 µm) × 314.5 µm (195.6–411.3 µm) diam, globose to subglobose, solitary or confluent, scattered across the Petri dish, glabrous, with or without one non-papillate ostiole, sometimes projections around the ostiolum, initially brown, later brownish-black; peridium 3–5-layered, 15–25 μm thick, cells of pycnidial wall composed of angular dark brown cells, 5–10 μm diam, thick-walled, Conidiogenous cells hyaline, thin-walled, bottle shaped. Conidia aseptate, 12.5 μm (11.1–14.3 μm) × 2.0 μm (1.7–2.4 μm), ellipsoidal, with several small, scattered guttules. Chlamydospores present, elongated barrel- shaped, in chains, olivaceous brown, 15.8 μm (10.9–21.5 μm) × 6.6 μm (4.4–8.7 μm) diam. Hyphae pale to dark brown, thin- to thick-walled, smooth, septate, anastomosing. Sexual morph not observed. 
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