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Description:Sporangiophores mainly umbellately branched, arising from a swollen portion of the subtended stalk 6.5–10 μm diam, (9.5–)28.5–193.5(−294.5) × (3–)4–5 μm, rarely unbranched, tapering slightly toward the apex, hyaline, smooth- and thick-walled, 0–1-septate, often with one septum 10–20 μm below the columella level. Sporangia globose to subglobose, (10–)13–18.5(–20.5) μm diam, pink, coral to red coloured, multi-spored; walls thin and deliquescent leaving a small pale red coloured collarette. Columellae subglobose, globose to sphaeropedunculate, (3.5–)4 × 6(–7) μm diam. Sporangiospores ovoid, short ellipsoidal, oblong with rounded apices to ossiform (3–)3.5–4.5(−5) × 2–2.5(−3.5) μm, pale red in mass, smooth- and thin-walled. Chlamydospores subglobose, globose to obovoid, (5–)6 × 10 μm diam subhyaline to pale golden brown, formed singly and abundantly on the substrate mycelium, intercalary or on short stalks, smooth- and thick-walled. 
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