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Description:Ascomata 340–480 × 300–480 µm, superficial, numerous, densely aggregated, globose, ostiolate, surface roughened, tomentose, sometimes forming subgroups with continuous tomentum giving an areolate aspect. Beak 145–220 µm long, 90–130 µm high, apical, laterally compressed, opening by an elongate, slit-like ostiole of same length; subiculum abundant, formed by brown, branched hyphae appressed to substrate. Ascomatal wall in longitudinal section 2-layered, 26–53 µm thick, inner layer pseudoparenchymatous, 15–28 µm thick, of textura angularis alternating with textura prismatica, composed of 8–10 layers of polygonal to elongate, pale brown, thick-walled, pseudoparenchymatic cells, outer layer heavily-melanized, 21–33 µm thick, not showing individual cell structure. Pseudoparaphyses 1–1.5 µm wide, trabeculate, with gelatinous coating. Asci 109–225 × 8–12, spore-bearing part 48–73 µm, stipe 49–170 µm, clavate, long-stipitate, thin-walled, bitunicate, fissitunicate, apex rounded, octosporous. Ascospores 17–27 × 3.5–6 µm, biseriate, fusiform, straight or curved, 1-septate, upper cell swollen near the septum, hyaline, without sheath, guttulate, guttules spherical. 
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