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Description:Ascomata 2–6(–8) mm diam, sessile, broadly attached to the substrate, discoid to saucer-shaped at first, soon pulvinate and usually undulating; margin poorly delineated, usually undifferentiated. Hymenium glabrous to somewhat furrowed at maturity, dark violet-purple, sepia-brown, or purple-brown, drying black. Outer surface concolorous or slightly paler than the hymenium. Context thin and brittle, purple-brown to sepia-brown, with a strong spermatic odour. Ascospores (15–)16–17.5(–18) × (9.5–)10–11.5(–12) μm (Me = 16.6 × 11.1; Q = 1.3–1.6; Qm = 1.49), broadly ellipsoid, biguttulate, thick-walled, hyaline and smooth when immature, developing fine, isolated low warts at full maturity. Asci 250–350 × 12–15 μm, cylindrical, 8-spored, uniseriate, thick-walled, with a tapering aporhynchous base. Amyloidity intense on the apical arc and linearly fading 10–30 μm downwards. Paraphyses subcylindrical, 4–5 μm wide, occasionally bifurcate, fasciculate, with dissolved ochraceous to pale brown or golden-brown pigment, indistinctly septate and frequently exceeding the length of the asci; apices capitate, subcapitate, or clavate, usually bent and enlarged to 7–10 μm wide, filled with dark brown to purple-brown refractive granulose or vacuolar content, becoming red-brown to purple-red in Melzer’s reagent. Subhymenium gelatinised, composed of chains of subangular to shortly elongated cells (textura angularis/prismatica). Medullar excipulum poorly differentiated, gelatinised; upper layer mostly composed of elongated cells < 50 μm across, lower layer mostly composed of spherical cells 15–45 μm across. Ectal excipulum a textura intricata of interwoven, occasionally branching, septate, thick-walled hyphae < 8 μm wide, with scattered or locally fasciculate hair-like terminal elements, projecting 100–200(–400) μm. 
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