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Description:Mycelium consisting of hyaline to pale brown, smooth to verruculose, branched, septate, 2.5 – 3.5 μm diam hyphae. Conidio- phores erect, solitary, frequently arising from a brown stroma or from superficial hyphae, subcylindrical, flexuous, medium brown, roughened, multiseptate, thick-walled, 30–160 × 4–6 μm. Conidiogenous cells terminal, subcylindrical, medium brown, finely roughened, 20–60 × 4–7 μm, forming a terminal rachis with several sympodial loci, flat-tipped, unthickened, 2.5–3.5 μm diam. Conidia in short, branched chains, fusoid- ellipsoid, (0–)3-septate, pale brown, roughened, ends obtuse, hila slightly thickened, 1–1.5 μm diam, (13–)15–17(–22) × (3.5–)4–5 μm.

Culture characteristics — Colonies erumpent, spreading, with moderate aerial mycelium and feathery margins, reaching 8 mm diam after 2 wk at 25 °C. On MEA, PDA and OA surface amber, reverse chestnut.
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