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Description:Phytopathogenic, associated with small red-brown leaf spots. Mycelium consisting of brown, verruculose to warty, septate, branched, thick-walled hyphae, at time encased in mucoid layer and forming a brown stroma of pseudoparenchymatal cells; hyphae becoming prominently constricted at septa, cells swelling, becoming muriformly septate. Conidiophores solitary, erect on hyphae, geniculous-flexuous, septate, dark brown, thick-walled, roughened. Conidiogenous cells terminal, integrated, medium brown, smooth, consisting of a rachis of sympodial loci; scars round, thickened, darkened. Conidia solitary, aseptate, medium brown, guttulate, verruculose, ellipsoid, apex obtuse, tapering in lower third to truncate hilum, thickened, darkened. 
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