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Description:Mycelium consisting of hyaline, smooth, septate, branched, 2 – 3 μm diam hyphae. Conidiophores solitary, arising from creeping hyphae, flexuous, 100–200 × 3 μm, multiseptate, becoming pale to medium brown in fertile region, mostly unbranched, rarely branched close to apex. Conidiogenous cells integrated, apical, rarely intercalary, subcylindrical, medium brown, smooth, 15–35 × 2.3–5 μm, phialidic with flared apical collarette, 3.5–4.5 μm diam. Conidia solitary, aggregating in slimy mass, hyaline, smooth, aseptate, curved, fusoid-ellipsoid, guttulate, apex subacutely rounded, base truncate, 1 μm diam, (13 –)14 – 15(–18) × (2.5–)3 μm, with single appendage at each end, flexuous, unbranched, 5–8 μm long.

Culture characteristics — Colonies flat, spreading, with sparse aerial mycelium and feathery, lobate margins, reaching 30 mm diam after 2 wk at 25 °C. On MEA surface pale olivaceous grey, reverse smoke grey. On PDA surface and reverse smoke grey. On OA surface iron-grey.
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