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Description:Associated with amphigenous, pale brown leaf spots, co-occurring with Teratosphaeria. Mycelium consisting of pale brown, smooth, septate, branched, 2–3 μm diam hyphae. Conidiogenous cells integrated, as terminal ends on hyphae, pale brown, smooth, subcylindrical, 10–17 × 2 μm, monophialidic with flared collarette. Conidia solitary, hyaline, smooth, subcylindrical, apex obtuse, base truncate, strongly curved, (12 –)14 –17(– 21) × (1.5 –) 2 μm. Ascomata immersed, globose, not visible on the surface, 150 – 250 μm diam, with periphysate ostiolar channel; wall of 3 – 4 layers of medium brown textura angularis. Asci 8-spored, cylindrical, unitunicate, apical apparatus reacting in Melzer’s reagent, 110 –130 × 10 –13 μm. Paraphyses hyaline, smooth, cellular, intermingled between asci, 4–6 μm diam, constricted at septa, unbranched. Ascospores uniseriate, aseptate, guttulate, ellipsoid, ends acutely rounded, smooth, hyaline, (13–)15–16(–18) × (6.5–)7 μm.

Culture characteristics — Colonies flat, spreading, with moderate aerial mycelium and feathery, lobate margins, reaching 30 mm diam after 2 wk at 25 °C. On MEA surface honey to buff, reverse cinnamon. On PDA surface and reverse buff. On OA surface buff.
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