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Description:Conidiomata sporodochial, 200–500 μm diam, with slimy creamy conidial mass, base of pale brown pseudoparenchymatal cells, giving rise to densely aggregated conidiophores. Setae dispersed throughout sporodochia, thick-walled, brown, verruculose, branched at apex, initially dichotomously branched, appearing heart-shaped, with additional branches developing with age, 150–400 × 6–11 μm. Conidiophores subcylindrical, pale brown, verruculose, 0 –1-septate, branched at first septum, 14 – 20 × 4 – 5 μm. Conidiogenous cells terminal and intercalary, ampulliform, pale brown, verruculose, phialidic, apex twisted to the side, periclinal thickening and collarette present, 10–15 × 3–3.5 μm. Conidia solitary, aseptate, hyaline, smooth, guttulate, subcylindrical to fusoid, inequilateral, inner plane straight, outer plane convex, apex subobtuse, but constricted towards inner plane, base truncate, hilum excentric, 0.5–1 μm diam, (9–)12–14(–16) × (2–)2.5 μm.

Culture characteristics — Colonies flat, spreading, with sparse aerial mycelium and feathery, lobate margins, reaching 40–50 mm diam after 2 wk at 25 °C. On MEA surface hazel, reverse amber. On PDA surface and reverse rosy buff. On OA surface hazel.
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