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Description:On potato dextrose agar. Conidiophores solitary to fasciculate, arising from superficial hyphae but most frequently from a well- developed erumpent stroma up to 200 μm diam (ascomatal initials), erect, flexuous-geniculate, subcylindrical, 1– 5-septate, branched below or unbranched, 70–150 × 4–6 μm, medium brown, thick-walled, basal region roughened. Conidiogenous cells terminal and intercalary, proliferating sympodially, medium brown, smooth, subcylindrical with slight apical taper, scars thickened, darkened, 1–2 μm diam, 25–60 × 4–5 μm. Conidia solitary, undergoing microcyclic conidiation in culture, hyaline, smooth, granular, obclavate but subcylindrical when small, 3 – 6-septate, curved, apex subobtuse, base obconically truncate, hilum slightly thickened and darkened, 2 μm diam, (13–)26–33(–40) × (3–)4 μm.

Culture characteristics — Colonies erumpent, spreading, with moderate aerial mycelium and feathery, lobate margins, reaching 40 mm diam after 1 mo at 25 °C. On MEA, PDA and OA surface grey olivaceous, reverse iron-grey.
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