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Description:Pseudostromata 1–1.6 mm diam, immersed in the outermost layer of the bark of dead branches, flat or slightly convex, circular, separate, gregarious, sometimes confluent, perithecial outlines sometimes translucent. Stromatic tissues sparse, consisting of loose light brown hyphae growing between bark and perithecia. Perithecia 4–12 per stroma, black, pyriform, strongly horizontally compressed, (250–)300–600(–750) μm diam, 130–170 μm high, monostichous, circinately arranged, with ostiolar necks fused in a single ostiole. Ostiole (93–)105–135 (–145) μm diam (n=20), dark, not projecting, necks of perithecia fusing and discharging through a central single ostiole, with hyaline, filamentous periphyses embedded in a gel matrix. Paraphyses of broad bands 4–9 μm wide, septate, deliquescent at maturity. Asci detached from the perithecial wall at maturity, (118.8–)133.1–183.2(–224) × (45.1–)47.3–56.3(–61.7) (n=28), broadly fusoid, with a 5–70 μm long stipe and an inconspicuous apical ring, containing 4 (rarely 1–2) ascospores. Ascospores (42–)48–61(–91) × (13.8–)17.3–22.9(–33.4) μm, l/w = (2.3–)2.5–2.9(–3.2) (n=80), subhyaline to olive brown when fresh, dark brown with age, ellipsoid to slightly obovoid, asymmetric, straight to distinctly curved, (3–)4–5 septate, strongly constricted at the primary and strongly to not constricted at the secondary septa, with broadly rounded ends, with tubular gelatinous, slightly tapering appendages (18–)23–31(–37) × (5–)6–7.5(–9) μm long at each end; cells of unequal size, multiguttulate; wall ca. 1–1.5 µm thick, finely verruculose, hyaline when young, becoming olive to dark brown at maturity, swelling, surrounded by a sharply delimited, irregularly swelling, up to 6 µm thick gelatinous sheath. Asexual morph not observed. 
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