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Description:Basidiocarps small to medium sized, sturdy. Pileus 28–78 mm in diam., first hemispherical, then convex to applanate, sometimes slightly depressed; margin first slightly deflexed, when mature straight to slightly inflexed, sometimes undulate, sometimes indistinctly striate when mature; pileus cuticle slightly viscous when wet; near the pileus margin Light Brownish Vinaceous (XXXIX5′′′d) to Light Russet Vinaceous (XXXIX9′′′b), Brick Red (XIII5′k) when old and Madder Brown (XIII3′k) when dry; near the pileus centre Mustard Yellow (XV19′b) to Aniline Yellow (IV19i) when old and dry, variegated with dark blackish-red and dark-yellow spots. Lamellae relatively dense, 10–16 per cm near the pileus margin, 4–6 mm wide, occasionally near forked the pileus margin, rarely near the stipe, slightly anastomosed, without lamellulae, adnate-emarginated, cream to yellowish, first Cream Color (XVI19′f), Baryta Yellow (IV21f) to Buff Yellow (IV21d) when mature, Pale Yellow Orange (III15f) when dry, edge even, concolourous. Stipe 3.5–4.7 × 1.2–1.5 cm, central or slightly eccentric, cylindrical, ventricose toward the base, solid to hollow when mature, smooth, white, soon with Buff Yellow (IV21d) tint especially near the base. Context 3–7 mm thick at the attachment of lamellae to the stipe, compact but fragile in gills, white, slightly turning pale cream or yellowish when wounded or old. Smell indistinct. Taste mild. Spore print yellow (IVc–IVd according to Romagnesi 1967). Spores (8.1-)8.9-9.7-10.5(-11.3) × (6.9-)7.5-8.2-8.9(-9.5) μm, broadly ellipsoid, Q=(1.14-)1.15-1.18-1.21(-1.24), ornamentation of large, moderately distant [(3-)4-6(-7) in a 3 μm diam. circle] amyloid warts, (0.6-)0.8-1(-1.2) μm high; occasionally fused in pairs [0-2(-3) fusions in the circle], line connections very rare and short [0-2(-3) in the circle], warts mainly isolated; suprahilar plage large, amyloid. Basidia (51-)54-58.1-62(-66) × (13-)13.5-14.7-15.5(-16.5) μm, 4-spored, clavate, pedicellate; basidiola first cylindrical, then clavate, ca. 5-13 μm wide. Subhymenium pseudoparenchymatic. Lamellar trama mainly composed of large sphaerocytes. Pleurocystidia dispersed to moderately numerous, ca. 600-800/mm2, measuring (73-)79.5-88.7-98(-112) × (9-)10-11.1-12.5(-14.5) μm, fusiform or clavate, usually pedicellate, apically subacute to obtuse, mainly with 1-8(-13) μm long appendage, usually with slightly thickened walls (ca. 0.5 μm thick), contents heteromorphous-banded, slowly turning red-brown in sulfovanillin. Cheilocystidia abundant, measuring (39-)44.5-54.5-65(-81) × (5-)6.5-7.4-8.5(-9.5) μm, usually clavate, occasionally fusiform, pedicellate, apically mainly obtuse, occasionally with a short (2-6 μm) appendage, few with slightly thickened walls (up to 0.5 μm thick), contents usually banded, often dispersed and yellow-pigmented. Marginal cells smaller and narrower than basidiola on gill sides, subcylindrical, flexuous, often also slightly moniliform, occasionally nodulous, measuring (14-)22-29.2-36.5(-41) × (2.5-)3-3.9-4.5(-5.5) μm, apically obtuse or slightly constricted. Pileipellis orthochromatic in Cresyl blue, sharply delimited from the underlying sphaerocytes of the context, strongly gelatinized in all parts, 160-200 μm deep, vaguely divided in 55-80 μm deep suprapellis of erect but often irregularly oriented, near the surface loosely arranged hyphae, gradually passing to a dense, 100-130 μm deep subpellis of intricate, irregularly but near the trama horizontally oriented, (2-)2.5-5(-6.5) μm wide hyphae. Acid-resistant incrustations absent, but contents of pileocystidia stain red after karbolfuchsin treatment. Hyphal terminations near the pileus margin slender, distinctly moniliform, thin-walled, with terminal cells measuring (15-)21-26.8-32.5(-39) × 2.5-3.1-3.5(-4) μm, mainly cylindrical, occasionally subulate, rarely lanceolate, apically usually obtuse, not frequently constricted; subterminal cells branched or not, usually equally wide and long, occasionally with lateral nodules and rarely also with lateral branches. Hyphal terminations near the pileus centre similar in shape but occasionally also distinctly clavate, with terminal cells measuring (15-)19-24-29(-39) × 2.5-3.4-4(-5) μm, apically obtuse and rarely constricted. Pileocystidia near the pileus margin numerous, 1-2.5-4(-5) celled, thin-walled, terminal cells measuring (18-)24.5-42.7-61(-79) × 4.5-5.4-6(-7) μm, cylindrical, obtuse or apically slightly constricted, contents heteromorphous, granular or banded, often with yellow refringent pigments, in sulfovanillin turning slowly to grey-brown; near the pileus centre with often clavate and wider terminal cells, measuring (15-)18-36.3-54(-71) × (4-)5-6.4-8(-9) μm, apically obtuse to rounded; subterminal cells usually equally large, occasionally longer, rarely wider. Cystidioid hyphae with heteromorphous contents and yellowish pigments present in subpellis, dispersed or absent in pileus trama. Clamp connections absent in all parts. 
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